Tuesday, December 06, 2011

OpenStack at DreamHost

So I guess this is old news now, but DreamHost is really into OpenStack :-)

(In fact, during recess, DreamHost asked if I would pass a note to OpenStack. I didn't look inside the note, but we can all guess what it said...)

I was hired specifically to work on cloud stuff here at DreamHost, and we've got a new team that's super-excited about this -- they're starting to gear up for increased contributions and community engagement, gettin' themselves some cloud. We've now got our own Launchpad team, we're working on a handful of blueprints, chatting it up on mail lists and IRC meetings -- you get the picture :-) Exciting times.

For official blog posts and other news items that highlight DreamHost's interest and involvement in OpenStack, check these out:
I'll be writing more about our OpenStack work later, but wanted to get a quick cloud-shout-out done before too much time passed...

P.S. We're hiring Python rock-stars!

P.P.S. Did I mention that DH is an AWESOME place to work? We got an award for that, two years in a row :-)