Tuesday, December 06, 2011

OpenStack at DreamHost

So I guess this is old news now, but DreamHost is really into OpenStack :-)

(In fact, during recess, DreamHost asked if I would pass a note to OpenStack. I didn't look inside the note, but we can all guess what it said...)

I was hired specifically to work on cloud stuff here at DreamHost, and we've got a new team that's super-excited about this -- they're starting to gear up for increased contributions and community engagement, gettin' themselves some cloud. We've now got our own Launchpad team, we're working on a handful of blueprints, chatting it up on mail lists and IRC meetings -- you get the picture :-) Exciting times.

For official blog posts and other news items that highlight DreamHost's interest and involvement in OpenStack, check these out:
I'll be writing more about our OpenStack work later, but wanted to get a quick cloud-shout-out done before too much time passed...

P.S. We're hiring Python rock-stars!

P.P.S. Did I mention that DH is an AWESOME place to work? We got an award for that, two years in a row :-)


  1. Glad to hear they're supporting OpenStack (and presumably Python). I know for a long time Python web apps were near impossible to run reliably there, especially long running server types. Best of luck with your work there!

  2. @Unknown: Yeah, Python is a relatively new addition to the general skillset at DreamHost (given that we've been in business since the late 90s). I'd love to hear more about your experiences of Python not being supported well, though. And thanks for the well-wishes :-)

  3. Glad to have you on board, Duncan!

  4. @cleverdevil -- thanks, man! It's awesome being part of such an amazingly fun company and team :-)

  5. Looking forward to meeting you at one of the SFBay OpenStack meetups!

  6. @Unknown #2, I'd say likewise, but I don't know who you are ;-)

    Regardless, I've been itching to attend; schedule and travel have prevented it, but I'm looking forward to 2012, if only because things will stabilize and I'll be around more!

    See you there!

  7. I was checking out Cloudberry explorer to see if it would be a helpful tool for moving files about on DH. I noticed it supports Openstack now which lead me here. How feasible would it be to put Openstack's current release on a DH server so users could move files to/from DH servers. I am looking for something for file management on DH. Does Openstack really need Ceph integration before it can deploy on DH servers. What are other server providers using openstack doing. What am I as a DH server user likely to see first with DH offerings - any idea?

  8. What are other server providers similar to Dreamhost (DH) doing with Openstack? What am I, as a DH server user, likely to see as the first DH offering or is it going to installed across all server platforms as default infrastructure. Any idea?

    - Skip

  9. @SkipR,

    Some service providers are exploring OpenStack for use in building internal private clouds; while others are looking at OpenStack to be the basis of a public cloud offering. We are one of the latter :-)

    As a DreamHost customer, you'll most likely see an object storage service roll out pretty soon. (Some of us have actually been recently improving the txAWS asyn Python library while testing against our internal deployments of this!) Our next cloudy offering will be a compute cloud built on OpenStack.

    Note that these are both *new* offerings -- they will not be impacting current infrastructure. However, once released, they will be available for our customers (such as yourself!) to use :-) We're putting together some kick-ass documentation, too -- so folks should be able to jump in with both feed and be up and running in no time.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Duncan, this is awesome, do you happen to know offhand when I can point juju at a DH/openstack and play? :)

  11. Jorge, good to hear from you!

    Objects will be out first, and then Compute -- no definite timeline on either, yet. Though Objects should be "soon" :-)

  12. I got to kick it with one of the DH Founders and a few DH VP's a couple weekends back... Fun times and I hear they love Ubuntu.

  13. Benjamin, that's so cool! Yeah, the founders and VPs are a cool collection froods and hoopys ;-)

    And Ubuntu's been picking up some serious steam at DreamHost -- we're pretty excited about that.